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Pamela Nygaard puts all aspects of money into terms that women can understand, enjoy and take action on.   "If you’re going to KNOW anything in this life, it ought to be health,  relationships, and finances. Everything else is just a bonus ."  Pamela says with a warm smile.  “Helping women take control of their financial destiny is my passion… and it’s a heck of a lot of fun!” 

 At the age of 13, Pamela was asked by the parents of children she babysat for, to be a bookkeeper for their small furniture store.  "Apparently I was better at balancing books than chasing children around,"  she jokes.  

She went to Grand Canyon University with a scholastic scholarship, aced the math exam, and entered the nursing program as the youngest person ever accepted. She later decided to not be a nurse, but rather help people with their money  due to outbreaks of tuberculosis and (highly misunderstood) HIV at the time.  

At the age of 19, she was day-trading stock options while working as an office manager for a small company.   The President of the brokerage firm where she had her account, called her up and offered her a job on the phone because of her success in trading. Within 12 months, she was overloaded with clients, as word of her success spread.  “The numbers just speak to me,” she says. “They just make sense... It’s almost instinctual.” 

She held a Series 7, 63, & 65 license for many years, and still maintains a Life & Health insurance license .  She worked for 15 years as a Business Manager for two major health insurance companies, expanding their networks, products, and broker relationships.  After leaving the corporate world, she used her knowledge as an insider to create a medical discount card called ControlAltMed, that offers access to medical procedures for a 20-60% less, without the high insurance premiums. 

But, Pamela's friends would frequently ask her for advice or insight on financial matters and soon it became obvious there was a greater need.  So, after speaking to packed auditoriums and training brokerage firms for 20 years, Pamela decided to use her skills to empower women to succeed at making brilliant financial decisions and maximizing their money.  

She uses what she calls a "holistic wealth approach," because she integrates tools and techniques that impact retirement, asset growth, debt, and taxes, plus income maximization to supercharge  clients' financial picture. She combines the wisdom of Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Tom Wheelwright, Loral Langenmeier, Fabienne Frederickson, T. Harv Eker, Dave Ramsey, and Ramit Sethi into bite-sized, actional pieces to transform people’s lives. 

It's a big, scary world in the financial arena, but with Pamela on your side, it becomes a lot more friendly and maybe even fun!  

"If you’re going to KNOW anything in this life, it ought to be finances, health, and relationships. Everything else is a bonus skill."

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First and foremost, we operate on trust and integrity.  We don't have a bias toward companies nor allow sponsors, so the information is pure and massively valuable.   We draw from the experts in the financial arena and share the best with you. 

Solutions Oriented


There is too much talking about the problem... we are all about getting down to business and getting it done!  Bite-sized, actionable pieces, done-for-you, hold your hand so it's easy.... that's the way we work.    

FUN & Joyful


Life is fun and so is money!  Spending, saving, learning, growing it... it is all enjoyable.  Let's do it together while laughing and enjoying each other.

Huge Value


Would you rather spend years reading, studying, meeting with financial advisors, tax preparers, and attorneys trying to decipher the financial arena... or come to a Wealth Weekend and get it all done?  Plus, once you have the knowledge, you can use it forever!



If your retirement accounts, tax liability, asset approach, and debt reduction don't line up, you could waste years and hundreds of thousands of dollars!  We take a holistic approach to ensure you CAN enjoy more of your hard-earned money!



Let's face it, the rules of finances that we were taught by our parents have changed!  The days of cradle-to-grave jobs, lifetime pensions, and buy-and-hold are over.  Learn the money rules that work in today's world!