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Smart Women Getting Smarter About Money


Your Money. Your Future. Take Charge.

A lot of people are talking about money, we make sure you know how to take charge of it!   Money won't confuse or frustrate you anymore.  Take your place at the financial table and feel secure in the money conversation.  


Done For You, Done With You

All our courses work with you to optimize your money and reach your goals faster.  You can meet live at Weekend Retreats or work at your own pace at home, either way, you can keep the game-changing templates and documents forever.


The Holistic Difference

Holistic and actionable information to change your financial life today!  Using and integrating the right money-growth, tax-reduction, debt-optimization, and retirement-income tools will radically change your whole world.  You will learn new tools and techniques that will uncover money right in front of you!

Choose your own money adventure

Nail Your Money Foundation


The Essential Money Roadmap for Life!  

What our parents taught us doesn't work anymore.  Come learn the techniques to master your finances in today's world! 

Love It!

The Secret Sauce


Learn the PRIME Method of financial management and put money back into your pocket to eliminate stress fast!  We will even discover ways to have fun and travel without spending as much of your hard-earned money. 


Entrepreneur's Dream


Profits, taxes, insurance, retirement, legal....Wouldn't it be nice if you could just take one course, set up your business right, and then get back to doing your thing?  

Well, this is it.  

I Need This!

To Debt or Not To Debt


Pay off your mortgage and  other big loans in half the time without changing your budget.  The correct tool is the key to financial success.  


Show Me Da Money


Want to increase your income today and during retirement?  Use the tool that the wealthy use to increase their retirement income by 30%!  Plus, understand the new tax laws to maximize what you keep so you can do more of what you love.  

Sounds Amazing!

Adulting Kit


Are you ready to adult?   Let's nail down the "what happens if..." conversation to make it easier for everyone, (then you can help your parents  next!)   We will discuss other fun legal issues like pre-nups, divorces, and power of attorneys.  

Yep... I'm Ready!


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